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If you are asking for a recommendation for which slide to buy, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

Does your table having a moving or a stationary base? If any of the legs or pedestals of your table move with the table top, you have a moving base table. Otherwise, you have a stationary base table.

What is the length of your closed table without leaves?

What is the width of your table?

How many leaves does your table have?

What is the length of each leaf?

What is the shape of your table?

If your table has an apron, how far does it drop? How far is it from the edge of the table?

What is the thickness of your tabletop?

How long a slide (in the closed position) can you fit when there are no leaves in the table?

Where are the legs/pedestals located in the table (at the corners or centered under each table half?

What is the weight of your tabletop without leaves?

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